ElasticBox your full service cloud provider:

Reliable Hardware platform

State of the art cloud services, based on redundant enterprise grade hardware with touch of software technology future. Modern, everything redundant, everything multi-core servers, high speed FC and 10GB networking.

Software defined future

Vision of software defined datacenter in real cloud environment. From virtualization, premium OpenStack cloud platform, to software defined networking, software defined storage and single pane management and monitoring.

Open technologies

Based on open standards and open source, we can integrate best of all worlds form pure open source to enterprise open source to full commercial solutions.

Technical Experts

Longest reference track in regional open source enterprise IT services. We are running 24/7 critical business IT processes for the last 20 years.

24/7 Customer Care

Carefully monitored and automated services with 24/7 live support backed by our experienced team.

Great Flexible Prices

Based on premium open source technologies with efficient hardware configuration and perfect scalability, we can provide customized and flexible solutions with unbeatable prices.