Your private cloud as a service


Taste, test and run your cloud now

ElasticBox OpenStack cloud lets you jump to the OpenStack wagon in an agile way.  With managed support and various service options you can go ahead.

With support for Red Hat Enterprise Linux, CentOS, Microsoft Windows, you can deploy any workload and any language on nearly any operating system.

Fully dedicated, secure and scalable OpenStack cloud tenant. Just choose amount of hardware resources, access cloud management tools and you will be able to provision new virtual servers in minutes.

Privat OpenStack cloud instance

Choose the quota for your OpenStack instance and start managing and using it now. Hardware configuraton from 6GB, 6vCPU, 20GB HDD or SSD (up to 1TB RAM, 96 vCPU).

Ready to use VM images Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Windows Server 2012, CentOS, Ubuntu, OpenSuSE.

Starting from only €99/month


with managed ElasticBox mananaged IT infrastructure services.


on Red Hat Enterprise Linux or Windows Server platform.


different workloads. From apps to databases and process management.


full potential of modern
flexible IT support.